What to consider when buying an inversion table?

The inversion tables relieve the pressure in the lumbar and cervical area, reducing the overload of the muscles and facilitating the recovery and well-being of all users. For a few years, the sale of these devices has skyrocketed: people are spending more and more time at the computer, working hours are long and the current lifestyle has reduced the rest and relaxation hours.

What should you consider before buying an inversion table?


All inversion tables are adjustable in height, but some reach more than others. Generally, there are no problems for users who measure less than 180 centimeters. But if you exceed this measure, do not hesitate to consult this property in the models that interest you. It can be decisive.

Maximum weight

The inversion tables can support around 130 kg, some more models and others less. If you suffer from overweight, it would be interesting to consult this factor before opting for one or the other because you could acquire a model that was not useful.

The resistance of the structure

The manufacturing material will achieve the solidity of the machine during the execution of the exercises. If the material is not suitable, we will notice a slight sway when we are suspended, and we assure you that it is not pleasant at all. Sometimes it may seem like they are going to capsize.

We recommend that you install a non-slip base on the feet of the machine if they are not included.


Inversion tables include footrests and belts on some models to prevent falls during the suspension. These restraints should not hurt the feet, although during the first contact socks we will notice a slight discomfort until the body gets used to it.

Inversion system

The inversion stretchers can contain pre-set adjustments, which are normally 20, 40, 60 and 180 degrees. These positions are changed manually through two lateral grips, and at other times by a motor, fully automatically.


Many times, when the economy does not allow us to spend too much, we limit ourselves to the price of articles as a decisive factor. If this is your case you are in luck because in this purchasing guide we have chosen only the inversion tables with the best value for money in the market.


The more padded the surface of the inversion table, the more comfortable we will be when carrying out the exercises. We always bet on ergonomic machines.

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