What is the best moutain bike available under $1000?

As we all know how adventurous it is to do mountain biking. It is a very exciting sport and one of the unique fitness training leading you to the habit of cycling at a higher level.

The experience of getting hit by the trails, breathing the fresh air and connecting to the natural cycling over big terrains is one of the most enjoyable things to do in life. The level of being positive and motivated is at its peak and you can find your muscles guessing. You should forget your fear or dislike for a while and should experience this beautiful adventure. This can evoke and interest in the later times.

Here are some renowned brands for mountain bikes that are cheap and cool to fit under $1000. Though being a value for money deal, it comprises the best quality fittings.

Diamondback Overdrive Bike – $600

This bicycle is great having 24-speed and can move on any kind of terrain. The drivetrain and XCT coil spring fork can take up to 80-90 mm of hanging with a very smooth disc break, you can easily stop to any motion. It is assembled completely, almost 95%. With this, your bicycle is ready to hit the terrains.

Schwinn Ascension Mountain Bike – $300

This is a trustworthy company that has to build a super budget value mountain bike. Even the expert riders and players have chosen this bike over other expensive brands.  It has a frame made up of aluminum and hanging fork and has a good speed of 21.

Mongoose dolomite fat tire mountain bike – $240

It has got 4 inch thick tires that are attached on a cruised frame of really big size. This is given for having a clearance on the ground. The crank which is in three-piece is a good quality fitting and won’t loosen up. The paddling becomes easy as one can use the trick by the seven-speed shutter and the seat. Even on the clayey and muddy hill, one can ride it to the terrain easily.

Schwinn High Timber – $220

Made especially for female riders, this bike has a great steady steel frame and rims made of alloy which will let you stop the power and the tire movement keeping your bike secured while riding on an uneven surface. It is also not too heavy to carry and has no effect of slowing down the speed.

Guardian Lightweight kids bike – $359

As it is seen nowadays, the interest of kids for mountain riding has increased. This bicycle is specially designed thinking about them. Also, there are a lot of safety measures taken for not letting the kid fall anywhere.

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