Best Places for a Surf Holiday in Central America

Surf camp holidays are a surfer’s delight. One can get to surf in clear water and secluded beaches far away from the crowds and congestion. Central America offers some of the best surf camps for surfing enthusiasts. Some of the best places for a surf holiday in Central America are provided below:

Selina Surf Camp Santa Teresa- Costa Rica

It is one of the best surf camps in Central America. It is secluded and has breathtaking natural beauty. The long and white sandy beaches offer excellent waves for each type of surfer. The tourists will be spoilt for choices for the food and drinks. This exotic location is not only perfect for surfing holidays, it offers other adventures like snorkel, bike riding, horseback riding etc. to the tourists. Tourists can also explore wildlife excursions and hiking.  Liberia is the nearest airport which is 250 Kms away. Tambor airport is 27 Kms away but it requires connecting flight from San Jose or Liberia. 7-night surf camp package here costs approximately $575 per person.

Casa Marea Alta-Costa Rica

The Casa Marea Alta surf camp is meant for tourists who are into nature, health, and well-being. You can enjoy the long beach walks in this nature’s paradise. This surf camp is located in the Punta Banca village and is spread across 800 acres of private rainforests. It offers you close encounters with native wildlife as they emerge from the forest to graze which is a lifetime experience.  You can also enjoy yoga or get a massage also. You can also indulge in chocolate making from locally owned cacao pads. The 7-night surf camp package to this destination costs $282 per person.

Miramar Surf Camp- Nicaragua

This surf camp is set in the picturesque peaks of the Punta Miramar in a remote village. It offers a delightful experience as you can experience everything under one roof.  You can enjoy a range of activities like massages, hiking, horse riding, skating, wildlife tours etc. in this surf camp. You can also enjoy peaceful yoga sessions and Pilates in a calming and soothing environment. You can enjoy their breakfast on the sun deck and admire beautiful sunsets too. The nearest airport in Managua which is 100 km away with private transfers available from the surf camp for tourists. 7-night surf camp holiday here costs $394 per person.

Rapture Surf Camp-Nicaragua

The Rapture Surf Camp is located on the Madera Hill in the middle of a forest. You can see the Playa Madera- the most popular surfing beach in Nicaragua. Apart from surfing, you can enjoy the view from the infinity pool, play pool, relax in the bar, and also explore the town of San Juan del Sur. Other activities here include diving, snorkeling, guided rainforest tours etc. Nearest airport is Managua about 140 km away and private transfers from the camp are available. The cost of a 7-night surf camp holiday is $457 per person.

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