February 20, 2017

Are You a Runner? Strength Training Might Be Just What You Need!

Strength training will benefit every runner, whether they are trained/experienced or a novice. There’s a common misconception that strength training can negatively affect running performance. Here are some of the huge benefits of strength training highlighted by personal trainers in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Efficient running:

If you really want to triumph toward the end in a marathon, strength training is the key. As you strengthen your core, your running form is greatly improved and maintained. Small improvements can make a huge impact in your running efficiency.

Maintain your weight:

Running can increase your metabolism and burn more calories, both during workouts and during rest. Add strength training to running so that you can drastically improve your weight loss efforts and reach your goals easier.

Run raster:

Strength training can greatly improve your strength and endurance, which gradually lets you run at a faster pace. If improved speed is your aim, strength training is the way to go!

Reduced risk of injuries:

Exercises that focus more on your core and lower body will definitely help you in reducing your risk of injuries. Knee and hip pains after running are due to muscle imbalances and other weaknesses, and strength training can help alleviate such problems with ease.

Running becomes easy:

Those who are new to running exercises often ask when it will become easier for them. Through strength training, your leg muscles become stronger and endurance becomes better, eventually making you run longer without feeling fatigued.

Running and strength training are a great combination. Get started with strength training at a Colorado Springs fitness gym and turn run into fun!