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September 11, 2017

The Most Popular Misconceptions About Fitness

An exercise offers you many benefits far beyond the apparent ones. It would make you feel less tired, sharper at the workplace, spend quality time with your life partner and allow you to have a burger with no misgivings. But there are a lot of myths out there about health exercises than real facts. The Top 3 misunderstandings about fitness are given below, Read More

September 9, 2017

The Attributes of a Good Personal Trainer

No matter what your fitness goals are, whether it is weight-loss oriented, sports or athletic based, there are so many reasons to have a personal trainer in Colorado Springs. Only a fitness trainer can make certain that you are performing the right exercises that would help you achieve your objectives. Here are the characteristics that you need to look for while hiring a fitness trainer in Colorado Springs, Read More

September 7, 2017

Reasons Why It Is Best To Avoid Working Out At Home

Some people enjoy exercising in the privacy of their home. They don’t need to socialize with any one, pay for memberships and can play whatever music they want in the background. For those with busy lives, home gyms can be more convenient as they are available 24/7. But there are also some pitfalls in home workouts, and they are given below, Read More

September 5, 2017

Unknown Benefits of Having Regular Workouts

Technology has made our life quite easy. We have become less active these days, and our jobs mostly have little physical effort involved. But this “inactivity” makes us age faster and gain more weight, decreases the activity of our brain cells, causes heart problems, etc. To overcome these issues, it is advised to have regular workouts to make up for our sedentary lifestyle. You can undertake different kinds of activities to stay fit like playing sports, running or visiting gyms in Colorado Springs. Here are the hidden advantages of an active life, Read More

June 27, 2017

Three Reasons to Work out and Burn Your Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is beyond something we want to get rid of to look better. Visceral fat can cause serious health risks including Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and other heart diseases. Visceral fat can occur in both men and women. People who are well within their weight limits can also store excess abdominal fat around their vital organs.

Here is a list of the significant risks that can occur among individuals who neglect abdominal fat and consider Colorado Springs fitness gyms as redundant.

  1. The fat tissue in the abdomen acts like an organ and releases inflammatory molecules and hormone-disrupting reactions. This ultimately leads to autoimmune reactions and causes problems like cognitive distress and arthritis.
  2. Visceral fat affects the metabolism of the individual and makes it harder to lose weight. Since it causes hormonal changes, visceral fat messes up with the appetite of the individual and makes overeating easier.
  3. Visceral fat can have a possible effect on the mental health of the individual too. Research has revealed that visceral fat tissue (also referred to as VAT) increases the chance of depression and causes extreme mood swings. The fat interferes with the functioning of the healthy neurotransmitters and thus leads to depressive symptoms

No amount of appetite control can solve this problem for an individual as visceral fat is too stubborn. A well-planned exercise regime in one of Colorado Springs fitness centers along with the right diet and reduced stress is the right approach to get rid of visceral fat.

June 21, 2017

Six Things You Must Know Before Joining a Fitness Center

Membership with one of the trusted gyms of Colorado Springs is mandatory for a healthy and happy life. While fitness goals are set easily, achieving them is a mammoth task. Let us get started with some precautions to be undertaken before starting a fitness program.

  1. If you are planning for vigorous workouts and have had certain health issues like heart problems or respiratory disorders in the past, then it is good idea to consult your physician before taking the plunge.
  2. Injuries in the gym are common. Some injures may be caused due to improper handling of fitness equipment while some may be due to inappropriate movements of body parts. To avoid injuries, start slow and listen to your bodily signs before you take off.
  3. Engage one of the best personal trainers in Colorado Springs to set realistic goals and to achieve them without procrastination. Personal trainers help individuals to plan workout sessions effectively and to prevent chronic aches and joint pain.
  4. Get your gym gear ready before you get started. Visiting the gym without clothes made of breathable material and shoes without proper cushioning are significant yet often overlooked mistakes.
  5. Do not skip the warm up session. Stretch your limbs or get a 5-minue jog around the area before indulging in a full-fledged workout session. Warm up sessions push the body and the mind into the right state to handle heavy workouts.
  6. Finally, individuals planning vigorous workout sessions must ensure that they carry sufficient fluids with them to compensate for the lack of water content and electrolytes from the body.
June 20, 2017

Four Signs of a Good Workout Session at the Gym

When you sign up with one of the best fitness gyms in Colorado Springs, you must ensure that you give your 100% and reap the best health benefits from the initiative. Here are the four most important ways to ensure quality, intense workout.

  • You are keeping track of your heart rate

You can use a heart rate monitor to determine the exact heart rate at any point during your workout. Using this count, you can calculate the HRmax (maximum heart rate) and the heart zone you are expected to work within for achieving your personal weight goals.

  • You believe in variety

Variety is important when it comes to maximizing your workout sessions. Talk to the fitness trainers in your Colorado Springs gym and design an optimal workout plan that can burn maximum calories and aid in activated after-burn effect. It does not matter if your workout sessions are curtailed to 30-45 minutes or extend beyond an hour. Quality always takes priority over quality in the gym.

  • Overexertion of muscles

Overexertion can result in muscle strain and severe injury. If you feel your muscles are about to give up, then chances are that your warm up session is not appropriate or you are not getting the required nutrition and most probably you are overexerting your muscles. Do not push it too hard and stop immediately if you notice signs.

  • Increase in hunger

Variety is important when it comes to maximizing your workout sessions. Talk to the fitness trainers in your Colorado Springs gym and design an optimal workout plan that can burn maximum calories and aid in activated after-burn effect. It does not matter if your workout sessions are curtailed to 30-45 minutes or extend beyond an hour. Quality always takes priority over quality in the gym.

June 18, 2017

Three Common Personal Trainer Myths Debunked!

Contemporary lifestyle of humans is anything but healthy. Fortunately, there is personal training to help assimilate an important preventative measure which is exercise! Personal trainers in Colorado Springs can help men and women to tackle their fitness and health issues efficiently without any side-effects.

Read on to find out some common myths about personal trainers that have been doing the rounds and the reality behind them.

Myth 1: Personal trainers can set your fitness goals

Personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge to help you achieve optimal fitness. They guide you attain your goals while keeping in mind the ability of your body to work towards these goals. However, they do not actually set fitness goals for their clients. Every individual is responsible for setting his own targets and working out with the assistance of personal trainers to achieve the same.

Myth 2: Inducing pain to your body is a part of the personal trainer’s job

Body pain and soreness is common when unused muscles are subjected to elaborate movements. Personal trainers in Colorado keep the pain under control by allowing individuals to undergo training sessions with the right intensity activities. Trainers do not cause but monitor and control body pain in individuals who are new to the fitness gym.

Myth 3: Hiring a good personal trainer is all you need for fitness

Personal trainers suggest workout plans, diet changes as well as lifestyle changes to their clients. These ideas must be incorporated into the overall fitness agenda in addition to working out with the trainer.

June 15, 2017

Why is it important to introduce strength training into your workout routine?

Strength training which is also referred to as resistance training challenges the muscles of the body to build better strength and anaerobic endurance. Fitness trainers in Colorado Springs suggest individuals to introduce strength training into their workout regime for a minimum for 2-3 times in a week.

Read on to find out the best benefits of this form of physical exercise.

1. An excellent way to get rid of the flab permanently

Shedding the extra pounds and maintaining the weight loss becomes easy with strength training. Studies have proved that strength training increases the body’s ability to burn calories during all normal activities and thus easily keeps the extra weight off the body.

2. Improves the body mechanics

People who wish to enhance the flexibility of their body parts and those who have balance issues can achieve amazing results through strength training. The co-ordination between body parts improves and research reveals that the risk of falling can be reduced by almost 40%. Strength training enhances body posture too.

3. Helps in the betterment of overall health

Strength training elevates the level of endorphins in the body and enhances mood of the individual. It can also act as an anti-depressant and is a permanent solution to insomnia. Strength training controls glucose level in the body and thus effectively fights Type 2 diabetes. Individuals with arthritis can reduce the pain levels with the help of regular strength training exercises. Fitness trainers in Colorado Springs recommend the addition of these exercises to tackle a huge number of lifestyle-based complications.

June 12, 2017

Three Strong Reasons to Join a Fitness Center Post Pregnancy

Life changes drastically after a baby. From nurturing the little one to completing the chores within the limited time, the new mother juggles with multiple tasks. Obviously, joining one of the fitness centers in Colorado Springs may not be on top of the priority list at this moment. Nevertheless, here are some strong reasons to prove why young mothers need fitness classes during the earliest days of this new phase.

1. To prepare yourself better for the new role

Motherhood is a major challenge and demands the physical and mental stability of the woman to its fullest. Fitness trainers in Colorado Springs help an individual to regain the lost strength and aid in tackling physical pains and aches. Exercise improves postures, allows easy shedding of pregnancy pounds and thus helps to gain back the self-confidence

2. Fitness regimes make you happy

Apart from turning the new mother into a fit individual, regular exercise helps release the happy hormones in the body. The endomorphin and serotonin bring a balance to the overwhelming state of motherhood and turns the new mother into someone more sociable and pleasant.

3. After all, you deserve the “ME” time too!

While your baby eats into most of your personal time and space, setting some time apart for yourself can help a lot in maintaining sanity. While a shopping trip or a visit to the salon can seem more appealing, the benefits of physical exercise cannot be matched with any other activity.

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